how to Choose a guiding word of the year (and implement it)

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How to choose word of the year


Have you heard about the idea of choosing a word of the year? Maybe you are familiar with it but have no clue how to choose one. Or are you completely new to this idea?


Not to worry folks, I’ve got you covered because in this post not only am I going to share how to choose the word of the year but also how to implement it in your life.



So let’s begin by answering a question.


What is meant by word of the year?

word of the year


Most of the time we are all over the place that prevents us from moving forward in life. One of the most important factors for personal growth and success is to have a direction in life.


Word of the year acts like a North Star that guides you. It will give you a sense of direction in life. Choosing the word of the year sets a theme and intention for your year and helps make better decisions.


How do you choose a word of the year?


Reflecting on yourself will help you choose the word of the year. Here are few questions that will help you with it.

1. Complete the sentence. During the past year, I felt that I was _________________. Don’t over-think it. Write down the 1 to 3 words that
come to your find. 

For example: stressed, frustrated, angry, happy, failure. (You get the idea right!)


2. How do you want to feel on the 31st of December? Be descriptive as possible. You can write down the answer in a paragraph or as bullet points. For example: I want to feel that I had a balanced and relaxed year. Or I want to feel I grew as a person this year.


 3. Write down your goals for 2022. 

For example: I want to spend more time with friends and family. Or I want to learn a new skill.


4. Write down a few words that come to your mind that you think should set the theme for the new year based on the answers you wrote.


Let’s say you felt stressed throughout the past year because of which you couldn’t spend enough quality time with friends and family. And you want to feel more relaxed and balanced this year, then your word of the year could be: Balance, Relax, Mindfulness, Family, Rest.


Or let’s say you felt like a failure because you were lazy and procrastinated and didn’t get things done. And you want to feel that you have grown and succeeded this year, then your word of the year would be: Success, Hard work, active, energetic.


There are no rules for choosing a word of the year. Maybe you can choose 3 words that have a common theme.

Example: Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate

               Determination, Discipline, Dedication


A word for an entire year. Does it seem too much for you? Maybe you can change your word of the year after every three months. So that means you can choose four words for one year.


There is no hard and fast rule for choosing the word of the year. Do it your way.


But I would suggest not to choose more than 4 or 5 words. It would be like making many resolutions and not even achieving one.


So, now comes the next question, how will you incorporate the word you have chosen into your day-to-day life?


How to implement your word of the year?


Choosing the word of the year is not enough. (obviously!)You will have to make choices and decisions that are in alignment with the word you have chosen.


You need to introspect every area of your life and decide how to implement the word of the year in each area of life.


For example: let’s say you chose balance as your word because you felt mostly stressed the past year.


You need to understand why you were stressed and how has it affected you.


Answer the following questions:


Why was I stressed in the ____________________ aspect of life? How has it affected me?


Fill in the blanks with all areas of life which are:

 a. Friends and Family

 b. Social life

 c. Work life

 d. Finance

 e. Spiritual

 f. Health (mental and physical)

 g. Work life

Maybe for some areas, you will get the answer for both the questions and for others only for 1 question.


After answering these questions, you know how stress has affected you. Now it will be easier to understand how to bring ‘balance’ in your life.


Now all you have to do is ask yourself this:


How can I bring balance in ____________________? Fill the blank with the different areas of life.


The answers could be:


I can bring balance to the friends and family aspect of life by spending more time with them.


I can bring more balance to my finances by saving more and spending only on necessary things.


I can bring balance to my social life by saying no more often or going out more often. (answer depends on your situation)


I can bring more balance to spiritual life by spending enough time for meditation, prayer.


I can bring more balance to my health (physical and mental) by eating more healthily or starting to exercise.


I can bring more balance in my work life by leaving the office on time or leaving by not bringing work home.


I can bring balance to my personal life by spending more time with myself.



The answer to the question is more like a resolution. Now that you have made a firm decision, it is time to make it into a goal.


The next question to ask is: how will you spend more time with friends and family, save more money, eat healthily, and so on.


Your answers should be specific, to the point.


I will spend more time with friends and family in the following ways:


 a. Eat dinner together everyday

 b. Family outing on the weekends

 c. Call distant cousins and friends once a month (fix the days and time)


You should make goals like this for every area of life.

Other ways to implement word of the year in your life are:



 a. Write down the word and place it on the mirror, dressing table, office space, areas where you will see it all the time.


 b. Share this idea with your friends and family. When you have an accountability partner, you will be motivated to keep up the work.


 c. Write down this word in your journal and also favorite quotes related to this word.


 d. Ask yourself before you make a choice or a decision every day, is this in alignment with the word that I have chosen.


 e. Forgive yourself if you slip few times. Remember, it is never easy to make a change.

Final Thoughts 

word of the year

I know this looks like a lot of work. I am not gonna sugar coat it – this is a lot of work. Either you can take some quality amount of time and do the things that you have just read or go back to living your old life and end up feeling the same way year after year. The choice is yours.


And, take your own time to choose the word of the year. Don’t try to rush through the process and finish it in one evening. It might take you days or maybe weeks to have an idea about the word and how to make it work in the coming year. And it is okay.


Choosing a word of the year can make a lot of difference in your life when you start seeing it as a North Star that gives you direction. So, take out the time because this decision to choose a word might be what you need in life right now.


I hope that I could help you in choosing and implementing the word of the year. Do share this with your friends and family and inspire them to do the same.

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