I am Ninette Nixon, the creator of this place. A space built with love and passion for helping young women not to let their hectic schedule define their life. 


This is where you will find out how to


  1. i) take better care of yourself
  2. ii) find time for things that matter to you

iii) become a better version of yourself 


Even if you have a jam-packed college schedule or a 9 to 5 job.


Why should you listen to me?

I am no self-help guru. I am a work in progress trying to rise above my hustle schedule to live a happy, content, and productive life.

I was exhausted and unhappy because I was being run by my day. I was becoming the exact opposite of the person I wanted to be. 


I decided that my life shouldn’t be lived this way. And that is the beginning of my journey to not let my schedule define me and live a life of regrets. 


Through this blog, I will be sharing what is helping me in becoming the person I want to be so that we can grow together. 


When I began to search for a solution online felt that the help that I found were unrealistic and incomplete. A vague idea is all that I got from most of the sources.


I intend to provide complete, realistic, and achievable solutions that you can implement in your real life. Solutions that have personally helped me.

I really hope you will find something that will be helpful for you.

Thank you for taking out the time to get to know me. It means a lot.