12 Simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas 

“Most people will passively do exactly what they did last year. Whatever you do, don’t let that person be you.” – Richie Norton

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New Year is around the corner. Within a matter of few days, we will step into 2022 – a new year, a new beginning filled with possibilities. It’s another chance for you to get it right and finally walk in the direction of becoming the best version of yourself.


Every year most of us make the same New Year’s Resolutions such as lose weight, eat healthier, save money, travel more. There is no doubt that these are great new year’s resolution ideas but let’s face it – most of us have failed miserably to achieve these. It’s because to successfully complete these resolutions you need strong dedication and a proper plan which most of us don’t have.


So, instead of setting the same old New Year’s resolutions again for 2024 and failing at it and feeling like a loser on the 31st of December, it is better to try something different. So here are 12 simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2024.


Why Simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas Might Be Good For You?


Here are the reasons why these new year’s resolutions ideas might be ideal for you :


 1. It is easier to achieve.  


 2. Improving yourself 1% every day is much better and easier than trying to change yourself altogether.


 3. A small win might be the momentum, the push that you need to start your self-development journey.


 4. Small changes make big differences.


 5. Finally, on the 31st of December, you can be proud of yourself looking back on the achievements, even though they were small wins.

new year resolution ideas

12 Simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas

1. Spend more time with friends and family

simple new year's resolution ideas

Your loved ones are the true assets of your life. Even though you know this fact you might have been not spending enough time with your friends and family thinking that there will be the next time. You might be caught up in doing many important things and as a result, you end up not giving enough time to your loved ones.


The pandemic has taught us that we are not promised anything. There might be no ‘next time’. 


So don’t let go of any opportunities to be with your loved ones. Make a firm decision that you will include spending time with your friends and family on the list of the many important things that keep you busy in your day to day life.


So, how do you do this? It can be as simple as a 10 minute chat every day or group call on the weekends. You decide what you want to do and make it happen.


2. Practice Gratitude

The pandemic has taught the world the importance of small things that is often take granted for.

So, commit that you will practice gratitude regularly so that you can appreciate the small things in your life. Because it is the simple things that make your life easier and at the end of the day those are the things that matter the most.

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3. Drink more water in the morning 


Drinking water in the morning, as soon as you wake up has lot of health benefits. It is a simple and easy thing to do but most of us give it a skip. So, make a firm decision and think of ways that you can make this happen.



You can ask your family members to remind you to drink water. Or you can keep reminders on your phone. Keep post-it notes  in your room. Just do anything that will remind you to drink water in the morning.


4. Be more observant


Try to be more observant. Observe the things happening around you. Pay attention to the people around you. 

When you start to observe things and people, you can learn a lot. You start to see things differently. And that can be beneficial for you. You can understand people and situations better if you become more observant.


Honestly, I have just started to be more observant. A friend of mine has great observation skills. He is the one who introduced me to this idea. And ever since that, I try to be more observant. But it’s really difficult for me. I am still trying to be better at it. 


Being more observant is definitely on my New Year’s resolutions list.


5. Listen to podcasts


There are many amazing podcasts to inspire you or to improve your general knowledge. This new year commit yourself to listen to at least 1 podcast a day. If that’s too much, try to listen to one podcast in a week.


My favorite is TED talks. You can listen to podcasts about news, self-development, sports, anything you want to.


You can do a research on different podcast and choose the one which fits your interest. And try to incorporate listening to them into your daily routine. Listen to it on the way to work, or during workout time. 




6. Take a digital detox 

simple new year's resolution ideas


It might not be a simple new year’s resolution idea for those whose day begins and ends with their phone in hand. This is one of the most important resolutions to be taken this year.


The side effects of the overuse of the phone are very well known. But none of us do anything about it. 


So isn’t it a good idea to do something about it this year? Try to stop using phones for a specific time in a day. You can do something else more productive. Maybe you can use this time to spend with your family or read a book.


If you can do a digital detox for a certain period, for eg, a week or a month, that’s awesome. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely stop using your phone for a week. You can stop using social media platforms for this period.

This year commit yourself to spend less time in the virtual world.


I have recently done a digital detox. And it felt awesome. It feels good to see the world outside your phone.


7. Read a book in a month


Reading is one of the best habits you can develop. The benefits of reading are amazing. It’s one of the habits that successful people encourage others to develop. 


So, the next time you take a 10 minute break, instead of scrolling through social media, read few pages of a book. Make it a routine to read book for 10 minutes before going to sleep. 10 minutes of time a day might be all that needed to finish reading a book in a month.


8. Make your bed in the morning


We are always in a hurry in the morning. In this morning hustle, many of us don’t make our bed. And most of us also throw our stuff on the bed. We don’t have time to keep things in their place!!


It’s high time that you start to make your bed in the morning. Just imagine the happiness you get by seeing a tidy bed after you come back from work. It’s so satisfying!! Otherwise, you have to first clean your bed to relax. 


So, try to spare a few minutes in the morning to make your bed. It’s a nice and simple habit to develop.


9. Take the stairs instead of the lift

simple new year's resolution ideas



Try to take the stairs instead of an elevator. It’s a small step towards fitness. And an achievable one.



 So, next time when you are at your workplace or have to get to your apartment, ditch the elevator, and climb steps. By taking one step at a time you can achieve better fitness. 



10.  Learn something new every day


Try to learn something new every day. It would be fun, isn’t it? It can be anything.

You can try to learn a new word every day. It will improve your vocabulary. Or you can read magazines or watch documentaries to learn fun facts.



11. Cut down on sugar and caffeine intake


Do you consume a lot of sugar in your diet? Do you drink too much caffeine? Too much consumption of these is bad for health. It’s scientifically proven.


So, this year try to reduce your intake of sugar and caffeine. This doesn’t mean that you have to suddenly stop drinking coffee or stop the intake of sugar. Gradually reduce your intake. Slowly step by step make sure that your intake of caffeine and sugar is only that much, which is necessary for a day.



12. Schedule self-care time

simple new year's resolution ideas


Make sure that this year you spend time with yourself. Learn to take care of yourself. Try to take off at least 10 to 15 minutes of your busy day for yourself. You can use this time as you wish.


Maybe you want o write in a journal or cook your favorite meal or take a long bubble bath. Do whatever you want. Just make sure that you pamper yourself.


Final Thoughts 



These simple new year’s resolution ideas can be achieved. And you know that. With the right amount of determination and proper planning, you can make these resolutions into a lifelong habit that sticks with you. 


So, what should you do? 


Instead of trying to do all these resolutions together, take it slow. Try to achieve one resolution a month. And the next the other month. So on. That is why I listed down 12 simple new year’s resolution ideas and was not given an overwhelming list of 100. It’s 1 resolution for each month.  You cannot change your life on the 1st of January like magic. 


So, these new year’s resolutions will bring in small changes in your life and make a huge difference cumulatively. 


Do share these new year’s resolution ideas with your friends and family so that they too can change their life one step at a time.

New Year Resolution Ideas
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