List Of 365 Days Challenge Ideas For Self Development

“Challenge yourself; it’s the only path which leads to growth” – Morgan Freeman

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It’s hard to believe that New Year is around the corner. Within a few days we will be saying goodbye to 2022.

It’s another chance to get things done, to take a step forward towards the life we want. 

We get excited in the initial few weeks of the year and then slowly it dies down.

This has happened with me many times. On the 1st of January I am so determined and motivated to change my life. After a few weeks and lots of failure, I give up and end up doing almost nothing.

Sounds familiar to you also?

So, what can you do to get result?


Take a 365 Day Challenge


Yes! 365 day challenge.

I am sure that you have created resolutions and goals for 2023, which is awesome. You might have made some big resolutions or few small resolutions.

But let’s get real. There are chances that you might not be able to fulfill all the resolutions you had made.

This year maybe you should try something different. Along with your new year’s resolutions, commit yourself to take a 365 day challenge. Promise yourself to complete it.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t focus on other goals or resolutions that you had made for the year. Of course you should make different goals and try to follow each one of them.

 Why should you take a 365 day challenge ?


Think of 365 day challenge as something to fall back on. When you look back at what you had achieved in the entire year at least, you will have one habit to count on. You will not feel like a failure.

Beside if you develop at least one new habit a year, then within 5 years you can develop 5 new habits. It’s better than ending up doing nothing year after year.

In this post I will share four 365 days challenge that you can take. I decided to create a small list because extensive lists are overwhelming. The more the choices, the more difficult it becomes to choose.

This year let’s keep it simple, take baby steps and make small changes.

365 days challenge ideas


1. The 365 Days Reading Challenge.



 Did you always wanted to develop reading as a habit? Maybe you have bought your book of choice, but it is stacked up in your bookshelf. 

It’s the time to finally start reading. Keep it simple though. You can take up this challenge in terms of page or time.

Either you can challenge yourself to read for 10 minutes a day. Or you can try to read 1 to 5 pages in a day according to your wish. If you read 5 pages in a day, you can finish reading 1825 pages in a year. 

Let’s say that the average number of pages in a book is around 400 pages. So if you read 5 pages in a day you can finish reading at least 4 books in a year!!

That is definitely better than reading nothing or stopping the habit of reading in between.

Try it this year and develop the habit that you always wanted to.

2. The 365 Days Meditation Challenge


365 day challenge ideas


There are many benefits of meditation, which are proven scientifically. Yes, you are aware of it. And you would have even thought about practicing meditation. But it seems difficult to continue it isn’t it. Maybe it is because you started with longer time duration. Or just wasn’t motivated enough to make meditation into a habit.

This year maybe you should give meditation another chance. As I wrote earlier, let’s keep it simple.

Try to meditate only for 5 minutes a day for 365 days. That’s it. 5 minutes. It’s quite simple, isn’t it !!

If you love to challenge yourself more, you can increase the time of meditation. You can start with 5 minutes then progress to 6 min, 7 min and so on.

The bottom line is try to meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes. And be proud that you could do it.


3. The 365 days journaling challenge


365 day challenges ideas


 Journaling your thoughts and emotions can have therapeutic benefits. 

So maybe you want to consider making journaling as your habit. 

But you cannot imagine sitting in a corner and writing in a blank paper for so much time, isn’t it? What if I tell you that you just need only 5 minutes for journaling? Amazing, right?

Even if you journal only for 5 minutes a day, it can have many positive benefits. Write in whatever you want during these 5 minutes. Just let your thoughts flow. And enjoy the positive impact of journaling in your life.

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4. The 365 days gratitude challenge



Practicing gratitude is one of the best habits you can develop. Being thankful about all the good things that you already have can have immense positive effects in your life.

You can practice gratitude by expressing your thanks to others or by making a gratitude list in your journal.

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Final thoughts


This is a short list of 365 days challenge ideas for self development. Go through this list and chose one challenge which you want to take up. Encourage your friends and family to take up a challenge. And make sure that you complete it.

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