5 Unique Ways To Find Inspiration When You Feel Like Giving Up

“If you want to inspire the world, inspire yourself.” – Scooter Braun

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Have there been days in your life when you just don’t feel inspired to do anything? When everything goes wrong or nothing works according to your plans, you feel like giving up.

You don’t have the driving force to wake up in the morning or to exercise or to read self-help books. You just hate all the traditional methods of how to inspire yourself.

So, how can you inspire yourself when you don’t even feel like getting out of bed?

In this post, I will show you 5 unique ways to find inspiration to get you on track again.

1. Inspiration from Architectures 

Yes, you can take inspiration from architecture.

It just feels impossible to believe that some buildings and structures exist, isn’t it? Have you ever seen a building or bridge or dam and wondered how can someone build this?

Behind every awe-evoking architecture are people who refused to give up, who thought out of the box.

When I see a structure that seems to defy all the laws and still exist, it inspires me to be creative, to push my limits of imagination, and find unique, out-of-the-box solutions to problems.

Singapore’s Vertical Village, The Hoover Dam, The Taj Mahal, The Burj Khalifa, The Golden Bridge – these are just a few structures that will inspire you to be unique and dream big.

So, the next time you see an amazing architecture take it as an inspiration to not give up. Because the brains behind that architecture didn’t give up and they did succeed. Well, you can see it with your own eyes!

2. Inspiration from News Articles 



News? Seriously? With everything that is going on now, how can you find inspiration from the news?



Well, I will tell you how the news inspired me. Every day the news reported ordinary people doing whatever they can to help others even in these unprecedented times. Every such report made me believe in humanity and inspired me to help others as much as possible, however small it was.



Captain Tom Moore. He proved that age is just a number. His determination and will to help others will always be a big source of inspiration. An inspiration to find ways and options to help others in whatever ways you can.



The Australian girl who cleans the grave, the 70-year-old man who rowed solo across the Atlantic and much more news articles have been a source of inspiration.



So, the next time you read a news article about ordinary people doing extraordinary things take it as an inspiration, because if they can then you can too.


3. Inspiration from Famous Personalities Whom You can Relate to

Some people have succeeded because of their sheer will and determination. Ordinary people held onto their dreams and refused to give up. There is few people’s success that inspires me because I can very well relate to them.

Prajakta Koli – an Indian Youtuber. She is an ordinary Indian woman who went from being an RJ to Youtuber ( Her YouTube channel MostlySane has over 6 Million subscribers.) She has collaborated with Michelle Obama for the fight for girls’ education. She will always remain a source of inspiration for me because I have seen her climbing the stairs of success slow and steadily. She is an ordinary girl who made it big because of her talent. And that inspires me to dream big and never give up.

Hasan Minhaj –  the host of Patriot Act. Every time I see him performing he blows my mind! He is also an ordinary guy who became successful because of his talent, will, and determination. Just an ordinary guy who made it big and that inspires me to pursue my dreams.

Do you know of any ordinary person who became successful? Anyone to whom you can relate to? If so, take it as a source of inspiration to dream big, pursue your dreams, and never give up.

4. Inspiration from Pictures 


A picture is worth a thousand words is so true. Some pictures can convey more than words can. Some pictures can inspire you to a great extends.


Have you seen a picture that has inspired you in any way? Next time when you see a powerful picture take it as a source of inspiration.

5. Inspiration from Movies & Series 


Movies and series have always been a great source of inspiration for me. I am sure that you might have felt inspired after watching a movie or a series.


Zootopia inspired me to dream big, to believe in myself, and never give up.


Frozen inspired me to unapologetically be myself.


Titanic inspired me to live my life every day to the fullest because life is unpredictable.


Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy inspires me to move forward in life no matter how hard and challenging life can become.


These are a few movies and characters which has inspired me throughout my life.


Next time when you are watching a movie or a series or anything try to change your perspective and see what you can learn from them. And when you do that you can learn many things and inspire yourself.




Each person is different. So how can everyone get inspired the same way, isn’t it? What inspires one person might not inspire the other.


So, how can you know what inspires you? Change your perspective, try to look at everything around you differently. Then you will find out what inspires you the most.


Write those down in a notebook and keep that to yourself. And whenever you feel like giving up, read whatever you have written in the notebook. And that will definitely help you to move forward whenever you are stuck in life.


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